Every Magician Needs a Stephanie

  • What’s the best part of any magic show (and let’s face it, what we do here at Datura is exactly that. Magic)? It’s not the illusion itself, it’s the lovely assistant.
    Meet Stephanie, the loveliest assistant of all. For the past few months, she’s been systematically organizing my life and, frankly, I don’t know how I ever did it without her. So when you email us for any kind of scheduling, know that the voice on the other side of the computer looks like this – 20 feet tall and wielding a pretty wand.
    A million thanks to Carla Ten Eyck, Eric Langlois and Dave Noonan for the images, and to DD Nickel for making us extra pretty.

    Seriously, if I step out of line, she’ll hit me with that thing.

    And because I couldn’t let Stephanie have all the fun…

    The Talent

    Photography – Carla Ten Eyck
    Floral Design – Tony Palmieri AIFD for Datura: a Modern Garden
    Beauty – DD Nickel
    Location – The Palace Theater, Waterbury

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  • Carla Ten Eyck 11.24.2012

    Tony and Stephanie!!! You two were so amazing to work with- what a concept!!!! Eric, Dave and I had so much fun playing with you and Deeders!

    Stephanie, we all welcome you with open arms sister!! Welcome to the family!


  • how did i miss these photos? they are fab!! stephanie is looking fierce!

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