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  • Last week we were honored to be featured on the GUESS fashion blog in a post by Sonia Baghdady of Style Confessions. The post focused on a growing trend among the world’s more creative florists toward flowers as fashion – jewelry, dresses, hats – things like that. I thought it was a perfect time to share a few things I’ve been secretly hoarding in my collection of pretty pictures – and an opportunity to bring out a few favorites for another go-around.

    I’ve felt for a long time that the typical corsage and boutonniere are passe – why wear a hedge on your chest when a floral artist can create wearable florals that are fashionable and easy to wear? Of course, sometimes I like to take that idea to an extreme. What I love most about what I do is the opportunity to play – sometimes it’s in a field down the street from my house with my wife (in a dress made from aspidistra foliage and a headpiece made of bones, honeysuckle, green trick dianthus and craspedia) and (brilliant photographer and true friend) Carla Ten Eyck’s daughter Georgie (in a dress made from aspidistra foliage, kale, rose petals and orchids. Beauty by DD Nickel, Photography by Carla Ten Eyck. I’m just saying, Aryn and Georgie might disagree with that ‘easy to wear’ part. Despite what it looks like in these images, it was COLD that day in the field!

    Other times I get to play in the middle of a tree-lined street in Costa Rica surrounded by fields, cows and my good friends, styling expert Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the Shore, photographer Carla Ten Eyck, hair and makeup genius DD Nickel and video God Jim Altieri.
    The bolero is made from a native Costa Rican plant. No internet search to date has uncovered it’s name, so we are calling it by the title Beth gave it – Costa Rican Hydrangea. Giant x’s and o’s to our beautiful model, fellow florist Carol! The gorgeous gown is by Modern Trousseau!

    From here we moved on to a gritty surf shop where DD made some quick changes to Carol’s look – a gold, glittery bird decorated with feathers and orchids in a nest of twisted wire is woven into Carol’s hair and matching earrings are made from wire and orchids. The bouquet is actually the bolero jacket with orchids, croton and hibiscus from the side of the road added.

    I have been DYING to show this video – not only because I think Jim Altieri is a master of pretty, but because I love showing how these pieces move with the model and the breeze.


    COSTA RICA: Camino Verde from Jim Altieri on Vimeo.

    And, while we’re still in Costa Rica – let’s remember that flowers are not just for women to wear. Here’s Max LaManna in some of my very favorite shots from our trip, photographed by the lovely Katie Slater for Carla Ten Eyck Photography.

    Back in the US – in Boston, in fact, Carla shot Catie Bane of Dana Bartone & Company (tagging in on hair and makeup) for a workshop at Inspire Boston. The fantastic dress is from Modern Trousseau via The White Dress by the Shore. Catie’s necklace is made from button mums, amaranthus and hypericum berries with a matching berry bracelet.

    Here’s a shoot I really love – a gorgeous November day with Sarah of Growing Tree Photography. I just love the willow doing its own thing in these shots. Beauty is by DD Nickel.

    I can’t resist throwing in a bunch of Cat’s creations, some simple bracelets, a stunning necklace and hairpiece and some back-necklaces, all photographed by Carla Ten Eyck and her team.

    And, to bring it full-circle, here’s Sonia Baghdady in a wild hairpiece of kiwi, jasmine, amaranthus and tulips and Grizel wearing a necklace of ranunculus, dusty miller and rhinestones – the featured image in the GUESS article. Makeup Artistry by DD Nickel, Hair by Grizel Carrano, Photography by Jag Studios.

    to see more, check out our flowers to wear gallery where you’ll find shoes, hats, veils, rings, bracelets – all kinds of surprises!

    Tell us what you think – and what you might like to see us make – below.

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  • Jim Altieri 08.01.2011

    Love it! I’m so happy I got to see most of these works of art up close and personal. Your work is always original and I’m always interested to see what’s next from you Tony!

  • Tony, you are an absolute genius! We are honored and privliged to be able to work side by side with you!

  • yay!! To see many of these labors of love see the light of the internet is so awesome!!!! That was a crazy sentence. But you feel me! Love seeing Little Georgie looking all professional, and Jim’s video, are you crazy!!!! omg.
    I love my job so much, and I owe a lot of that to being able to work with people like you Tony, and artist and a true, real friend!!

  • Wow Tony, I’ve seen you in action for years and your work never ceases to amaze and inspire me. I love that you’re bringing wearable florals to the world of fashion. I’d like to see that translated into daily wear. Of course, the model with the heliconia down his back should always dress that way.

  • Tony, This is crazy!! Just when I think I have seen the most beautiful thing you go and top yourself. You are a floral architect and magician. I respect your art and your genius. I feel so blessed to be able to help display your creations. Thanks for sharing!! xo

  • You know, I think I love it best when the models are only wearing vegetative matter. I’m putting in my order for Ti leaf pants!

  • JAG Studios did a beautiful job with the portraits!!!!!!! All of your creations are always beautiful Tony! Love them all =]

  • Tony,

    I really feel honored i have met you. You are an amazing person and very very talented genius. I am your # 1 fan!!!! I love your creations. We are very blessed to have this amazing job as flowers designers. I love your creations and designs. I am your #1 fan!!! I love your flowers as fashion and i am so happy i was part of it. The Video is amazing and i love my pictures. YOu all did such an amazing job! Love it, love it! And it was sooooo much fun!!!!!!!
    Sending you many blessings and congrats on all your projects. I really admire you. My number one fan Tony Palmieri by Datura a Modern Garden.

    Greets and hope to hang out soon!!!

  • By the way my bolero flower name is Musaendra!!!

  • Gina_Kellogg on Twitter posted how much she loved this – and WOW, she was right. Incredible ideas – flowers should be used more often in fashion!

  • speechless, really. Calling yourself a florist is so so so pedestrian. This is high art in the best, most generous sense of the term.

  • […] of these photos are from Tony’s Flowers as Fashion project. Visit his blog, to see more […]

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